Supplementary Agreement For Sale Of Flat

. Having regard to the amendment made to the registered deed of sale of 15.7.1987 with the additional deed of sale of 3.11.1988 and therefore does not have the right to request an amendment after the expiry of the period. was necessary because the applicant had requested an additional instrument of sale in his favour and the defendants had the right to make the necessary correction in the appeal. additional certificate of sale. To support his arguments, Shri Balhara invoked the Court`s judgments in Smt. Gurdip Kaur against Kehar. Endorsements can be saved, but endorsements are concluded if there are changes like the ones you mentioned. The unreged endorsement will also have the same content; Therefore, for now, you can have the contents of the letterhead and save it so that it can be used in the future to defend your interests. 4. I see no reason for you to enter into a secondary contract.

Negotiation strategies in a typical endorsement contract may be necessary in some cases, especially when certain major contract changes are required. Any desired contract changes are a simple process. All you need to do is pass a particular resolution that authorizes the revision of the given agreement. The second step is to submit Form 3 to the appropriate Registrar within 30 days of the treaty amendment. . qualified counsel for complainants.6. The applicant`s entire case was based on her title, which she allegedly drew on the basis of the deed of sale of 24.01.2005, which was adopted by a . Nafe Singh and LRs of Ramrati did not challenge the deed of sale/additional deed of sale, even in the absence of a certificate of abandonment of their respective shares.

were aware of their family`s family tree and the LRs of Kali Ram @ Kalwa. Therefore, the deed of sale Ex.D-1 & complementary certificate of sale Ex.D-2 is authorized to be modified / rectified. The content of the endorsement depends on the type of agreement you need to complete. . Singla, who had executed in January 2009 a special power in favor of the petitioners, although this fact was not explicitly mentioned in the deed of sale of 17.2.2009. The deed of sale of 17.2.2009 and thereafter, solely to conceal it, obliged the seller to execute an additional deed of sale.8. . . .