Stars Prenuptial Agreements

Chris Rock, who is worth about $70 million, could end up paying Malaak half of his fortune based on California`s property-sharing laws. Avoid such a mistake by hiring a lawyer to process your marriage contract in Los Angeles. The entertainment industry operates differently from the rest of the world. Still, Hollywood and College Station, TX, have a few things in common: divorce can happen after years of marriage, and marriage contracts can protect your interests. Bey and Jay are lucky in love for now, but if this multi-million dollar couple ever divorces, their marriage contract would go into effect to settle matters. Sources say Jay Z beyoncé gives $5 million for each child who has the couple together, based on the language of the prenup, whether the couple divorces or not. If Beyoncé and Jay Z ever break up, their prenup requires them that Beyoncé would receive $1 million a wedding year. According to Kim and Kanye`s marriage contract, in the event of a divorce, Kim can keep her wedding ring, all of Kanye`s gifts as well as all the income she receives from television, concerts, and her clothing line. .