Uow Professional Staff Agreement

Before introducing these amendments, the Vice-Chancellor will ask the University`s Joint Advisory Committee (JCC) – a forum for permanent consultation with the two workers` unions, the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and the National Union of Higher Education (NTEU) – to explore this possibility of saving jobs by supporting the alternative of the reflection agreement proposed to agents as option 1. In early November, Professor Wellings briefed staff on the university`s new approach to dealing with the current effects of COVID-19. The results of the survey come because some employees who have expressed a preference for this option have since expressed concern that they have not fully realized the consequences of their choice or that they have been convinced by union campaigns indicating that a fourth option will develop, which is not the case. Professor Probyn-Rapsey, a member of BUG, said the group could achieve estimated savings of about $7 million at UOW by reducing executive salaries and realigning them to a percentage of the maximum scales in staff agreements. 13.3.4 The officer and his supervisor must then confirm the achievement of the skills in the profile selected above and provide examples. University of Wollongong employees are tired of being the only ones making “financial sacrifices” after a drop in revenues. “We hope that management will understand that a reduction in executive pay, many of which are about half a million dollars, will have a very different impact on individuals than a professional who earns 70k a year, who may be the key or solely employed in his household and who examines the risk of unemployment in 2021,” said Dr. Lucas. The survey, which invited staff to indicate their preferences based on three options available in order to achieve the employment savings necessary to put UOW back in a sustainable financial position, showed that a majority of participants wanted to maintain all of the current employment conditions under the university`s two enterprise agreements. In a message to staff, Professor Wellings praised his explicit preference for Option 3, but also stressed the strong support for Option 1 shown by interviewees.

“In “Every One-UOW,” employees save at least $7 million by adjusting executive salaries to the salaries and conditions of other university staff. He also raised the possibility of further staff reductions and stated that all employees would be affected to some extent, either directly or indirectly” by the UOW model. 13.2 A general may be considered if he can envisage accelerated gradual progress, in accordance with the university`s policies and procedures. This process, including a decision, is not subject to any review or dispute resolution procedure under this agreement.