Tia Broker Shipper Agreement

The Association of Transport Intermediaries (TIA), an interprofessional organisation of external logistics providers (3PLs), has developed a brokerage-carrier contract to promote best practices between brokers and carriers. The standard contract is available on the TIA website: www.tianet.org. The two organizations began working on the model agreement more than six months ago with a small working group of members of both organizations. Regarding the importance of the model agreement and cooperation between the two organizations, KENNY Lund, Chairman of the NITL Highway Committee: Jeff Tucker, CEO of Tucker Company Worldwide: “Thank you Gary Palmer, Director of Model Contracts, and NITL General Counsel, Karyn Booth for your excellent work, representing NITL in the negotiations. Our respective organizations have tried to integrate existing laws, regulations and legal interpretations and not impose an excessive burden on the other party. We are pleased to offer this benefit to our members and our industry. All Tia standard contracts are exclusive to TIA members and can be found in the single section of the TIA – www.tianet.org site. Similarly, NITL members have NITL.org access to exclusive NITL agreements and model contacts via the members` website. “Our only goal for the TIA Model Broker-Carrier-Carrier Contract was to create a fair and balanced model contract that increases the standard and serves the best interests of both brokers and carriers,” said Robert Voltmann, President and CEO of TIA. “Both the carrier and the broker can sign the TIA Model Broker Carrier contract without fear of hidden rules.” – Recognition: Carriers offers a recognized document to work with brokers.

Broker must pay: Provides for the forwarder to get payment from the broker, regardless of whether the real estate agent withdraws the payment from his client. The National Industrial Transportation League and the Transportation Intermediaries Association have revised their model shipper contract and make it available exclusively to NITL and TIA members. “At the moment, transportation contracts are a necessity. Given that the products are tax-exempt and the transportation of products is not regulated per se, the importance of merging the United Fresh Produce Association and the TIA to create a fair and ethical standard contract, which can be used by both shippers and logistics service providers, cannot be sufficiently emphasized. I am proud to be even a small part of the support of the two organizations that have contributed their time, energy and know-how to achieve this. Use of the sender: If the forwarder offers the shipper to use the payment, the broker does not pay the forwarder.