The Hypnotic Agreement System By Igor Ledochowski

I like my students to take the secrets I`ve taught them and improve their lives. One of these students was broke without perspective. It was surfing on the couch to put a roof over his head. Then it went through my conversation hypnosis system. In other words, you don`t have to live an exhilarating life to tell incredibly interesting (and hypnotic) influential stories. How can I be so sure that you will get other agreements with “The Hypnotic Agreement System”? This is the module that will make you so versatile in the art of introducing engaging (and hypnotic) stories into your conversations. He nodded, and 60 seconds later he was stunned to see how the pain (a 9 on a 1-10 scale!) had disappeared again. The fact is that I created a process that has razed years of learning curve. It doesn`t require red memorization and you`ll keep everything you need for every hypnotic encounter hidden. There are more than 14 hours of fascinating training.

I dare not hypnotically influence anyone after you have completed this training program. That`s impossible. It is delivered to you as a weekly modular training system… via online video modules (which you can watch, stop, rewind and watch several times as you please). The quick and simple video training system that I set up called: The whole education system is based on the conscious acquisition of information and technical know-how. What for? Because I`m going to give you 60 exercises that will turn you into a bundle of influence. Each exercise plants a particular hypnotic process in the unconscious. Our modern society does not use this process to teach. The school system is built upside down. Then I had to figure out how to teach others in a logical, step-by-step system. All you really need is to list some of the keywords that people tell you in their conversation — and all the storytelling secrets in module 7 to create your hypnotically influential narrator skills.

I will show you how to use 4 principles of hypnotic influence, first to change the mood of a human being, then change your mind. And if you can do it… As a result, your students struggle with the hypnotic process. There are a lot of people who give up. Others yearn for years without much progress. Here`s what you`ll find in module 5 (4 hours and 32 minutes of training video): “Experts” teach hypnosis conventionally. If you want to fully “own” the ability to use ADVANCED LEVEL conversation hypnosis in your daily life (so you want to enjoy all the benefits in all areas of your life)… The Conversational Hypnosis master system will really be your ticket to the good life. If you can remove it, direct mentoring doesn`t have it right away. The next day (when the whole Welsh team was on the team bus), the manager stood up in front of the bus and told everyone that he had followed the number and therefore knew who was the culprit.