Standing In Agreement Bryann Trejo

A man of law who will guide them until we both agree… I was not the same, I hid the pain since the death of my brother. W / Your mood swings as you accept things and then you lose things, aye, you can`t swim in sin, man, I almost drowned us both, It`s five years, w/ my wedding ring, and my beautiful bride, Cuz HE died for you, dead to me, man he all he says, HE is, Said Christ, “Love your women, as He loved the Church” Still give me hugs, yet to show me Nevertheless, this is not an excuse to try to treat things with my stubborn pride, I ended up cleaning the man closet and, organized all my disorder inside, The best thing we can teach our children is to show who Jesus is, My attitudes and my actions , they were so disrespectful, financially, they protect emotionally and spiritually, W/my morning breathing, my stinky feet and my dirty socks, so before I went outside, I gotta.