Legal Agreement Dictionary

By agreement, all parties met at Indian Spring to consider a second contract in early February 1825. Covenant: A treaty; An agreement A contract A wedding ring. Panel: a list of potential jurors who may be active in a specific trial; Members of a Commission. Paper: a legal document; An instrument a written statement or memorandum. By: Equal; average; That`s normal. Face value: any minimum price at which each share can be sold initially by a company. Passport: 1. Pronounce or explain, e.g.B. judgment or judgment. 2. Approve, for example. B, a tax return filed by the tax authorities.

some. B in arreer. The payment of a bond or debt. Patent: 1. The right of monopoly on the manufacture, sale and use of a device or process that has been discovered or invented, such a patent being granted by law or by law. 2. Granting minority rights to public land. 3.

As an adjective, the patent means obvious or obvious. Payable: due; a legally enforceable debt. Paying: the person to whom an invoice must be paid. Payment: the time it take to pay off a debt; settling scores. Peculation: the illegal taking of public goods or funds for personal use by a person who has entrusted these assets or funds to his care. Waiting: not yet decided; often used to get a color that was launched, but not yet finished. Pension: a sum paid regularly to a retired employee, these funds from cumulative contributions made over the years by the employee and the employer or by the employer alone. People: citizens; State; The nation; the government formed. Criminal prosecutions are considered to be persons against – which means that all persons are prosecuting an alleged perpetrator of a crime.

By year: Up to the year. The interest payable each year is interest payable each year (Latin). In itself: per se (in Latin); Be taken alone simply specified. Percentage: A share of 100. Benefit: the execution of a contract or agreement, which terminates a commitment. Perjury: False testimony; telling a lie when she acts as a witness in a trial; dissubscribing a false statement under an affidavit; the deliberate swearing-in of a counter-truth in a court case.