Delaware County Community College Transfer Agreements

Below are lists of specific relationships that the college has documented with a number of institutions and universities. Remember that there may be requirements, restrictions or restrictions with an agreement, including: Dual Admission Intent to Enroll file before the end of 30 College `bertragbarcredits File Intent to Enroll form before concluding 30 college credits and hold a minimum GPA of 2.0. Benefits: The first thing you need to know about our Transfer Office is that our professional collaborators assist you with one-on-one counselling sessions, informative events and online resources. New students are invited to contact the transfer office as soon as they begin teaching, to ensure rapid progress through the corresponding transfer program and an easy transition to the university or university of their four-year choice. If the transfer is your ultimate plan, you should first complete your associate degree. What for? Because our four-year partner universities and universities tell us that our graduates do better than students who start with them as newcomers. And remember, depending on the four-year institution you choose, you can save hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars by completing your first two years at Delaware County Community College. Information on curricula and program/advice schedules from the agreements is included in the related documents above. The full text of the agreements must be refined in the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

Programs and requirements may change. Therefore, students should regularly search for updated materials. Students are advised to use these documents with the assistance of a consultant or consultant at Delaware County Community College. Workshops, transfer fairs, transfer information week and other events such as the MINT Career Night will help you navigate the transfer process. Phi Theta Kappa scholarships are available to part-time students, in accordance with the transfer contract. New part-time transfer students can apply for a series of renewable energy scholarships through Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society of Two-Year College. Apply by April 15. The core-at-core-core-core joint joints document the promise of a specific university or university to accept general education credits integrated into a certain university degree. Although some exceptions apply, students receive a credit for general education or the essential requirements of that university. See some articulation chords for details. Learn more about moving to a four-year university or university by meeting with an experienced transfer advisor and taking the time to explore the information on this page. We have everything you need to complete a successful transition.

Our advisors help you: Villanova allows students to transfer up to 60 credits to other regionally accredited institutions. Guaranteed Admission Graduate students from certain degrees at Delaware County Community College may qualify for guaranteed admissions to similar programs at higher education institutions or universities where a guaranteed admission agreement has been entered into. Delaware County Community College (DCCC) and Villanova have a guaranteed admission and transfer agreement to facilitate the transfer of students from Delaware County Community College to the Villanova University Curriculum, specifically designed for part-time students. Now find out how your DCCC credits fit into Villanova`s BIS conclusion. To better encourage and facilitate the transfer of students from Delaware County Community College (DCCC) to Temple University, Temple and DCCC, they have entered into the following transfer agreements: other (less specific) agreements are left. Agreements vary and students should look at them carefully. If you plan to switch to one of these employees when you complete your associate degree at Delaware County Community College, you should contact one of our transfer advisors.