Copywriter Agreement Contract

You are a creative person and you have chosen a copywriting career because you want to write and create new texts. If creativity is your superpower, there`s a good chance you don`t really want to spend time thinking about boring things like accounts and contracts. Please provide you with a sample contract. This will certainly save me a lot of time and effort to adapt my own contracts. Payment under this Agreement may take the form of a flat-rate fee or an hourly rate. In addition, the fees also serve as consideration for the assignment of copyright (and any other rights) to the work produced by the editor. Another version of this document is available, which provides a license for such rights. Self-employment is based on trust. Most of the time, you`re working with someone you`ve never met. It is your responsibility, as a freelancer, to accomplish the tasks as outlined in the project requirements. On the other hand, the client must pay your contributions once you have completed the task. You both know your responsibilities, but you need a memory that you can always refer to in case of disagreement. That`s why, as a reputable author, you need a copywriting agreement.

[…] […] Thank you John – I join the happy group of texts who used your excellent contract with simple English. Thank you again. Absolutely fantastic. I felt covered from a legal point of view and my client thought it was an extremely thorough agreement with very clear conditions. The easy legal team is so helpful in anything you don`t understand. Thank you for sharing this, what a super valuable resource. It was refreshing to see a treatise so well written and readable, but still clearly professional. It`s great. I try to find my way as a free writer, and anything that helps me navigate the legal minefield of isolated action is very helpful. Thank you for sharing this with newcomers like me.

To calm this matter, it is worth repeating the fact that copywriting should focus more on changing the opinion of customers than on the company that hires them. . . .