Brewery Non Disclosure Agreement

A well-designed non-compete clause, tailored to the specific needs of your brewery, can protect you from subsequent loss of business and costly litigation, while informing employees in advance that you expect a certain degree of loyalty in exchange for their training. In addition, valuable business information can be protected by a clear plan and expectations as a trade secret, prompting employees to think twice before deciding to use your investment and innovation for their own benefit or, more importantly, for someone else`s. Set it based on region, set it based on where production and/or distribution is currently available, or some sort of combination of both. “North Carolina law protects these so-called `trade secrets` from misappropriation by others. All business or technical information (including formulas, techniques, methods, models, programs, processes, devices or compilation of information) may be protected by trade secrets. The information must have a commercial value that results from the fact that it is generally not known or is not known or easily identifiable through independent development or other means that may derive economic benefit from its disclosure or use. A trade secret can be protected, although the same information has been developed or used by others. “Misappropriation” simply means the acquisition, disclosure or use of another`s trade secret by receiving and taking it without that person`s consent. Your competitor has the right to obtain the same information that you have, through independent development or reverse engineering or from anyone with the right to disclose it, but not by receiving it from someone to whom you have entrusted it to your advantage. This is the case, although you have not entered into an agreement with the person who wrongly acquired the information or disclosed it illegally. The startup brewery here! We recently offered our head brewer a job.

We are looking for a contract to protect our proprietary information. How does Craft Brewer protect all the hard work and reputation it deserves? If you think a little and make efforts in advance, you can avoid subsequent conflicts with former employees, loss of competitive advantages, and loss of a hard-earned reputation. One of the ways to reduce the likelihood of these outcomes is to ensure that all participants in your organization are on the same side, understand your expectations, and are interested in the success of your brewery.